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Article - Individuals from the age of 16

Allegra: our 2018 club pack for you

In addition to numerous offers, insider information and exclusive events, each club member receives a selected club pack.

Individual members from the age of 16 receive ...

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One 1st class RhB day ticket

Sit back, relax and enjoy a full day’s travel in first class with the RhB day ticket on the entire RhB route network – 384 kilometres of first-class travel at your feet. The day ticket is undated and transferable.


A train ride through the mountains and valleys of Graubünden will take you to new creative heights. The Lanybook with club design offers plenty of free space to capture all your notes and drawings. Unleash your creativity now. Smartphones and cameras are so old hat.

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RhB sticker

Fly the flag for Rhaetian Railway. Show you’re a member of the RhB family by wearing the RhB sticker with pride on your rucksack, bike or car.

Act now: exclusive offers for you

It pays to be a member of the RhB Club in more ways than one. For example, only official club members can take advantage of selected special offers. Take part in our competitions and with a bit of luck, you might just win fascinating trips to our rail paradise and a glimpse behind the scenes.

Charter Filisurer

Charter carriages

The Rhaetian Railway offers the perfect combination of travel and an event in its own right. Our charter carriages really give your journey added value.  As a member of the RhB Club, you benefit from a 30% discount on charter carriages from October to December 2018.

Lichterland Clà Ferrovia

Out and about with Clà Ferrovia

Tunnels, viaducts and locomotives – that's Clà Ferrovia's world. The RhB children's conductor tells stories about the railway and his adventurous life, does crafts and sings songs with his young passengers. Book your special-price ticket now!

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Special discounts on steam-train rides

What could be better than a ride on a steam train? A ride on a historic steam train at a special club member price of CHF 50 for adults and CHF 20 for children under 16.

Führungen Werkstätte Landquart - Hauptbild

Nimble hands make light work: in the Landquart workshop

Who actually ensures the smooth and secure running of our trains? Who cleans the carriages day in, day out? Who greases the bearings and axles? Take an exclusive tour of the Landquart workshop and gain a rare insight into the work of our experts. Naturally for club members only.

Insider community: a world of its own

Enter the world of RhB and become an RhB insider. Exclusive documents and content are just waiting to be discovered by our club members. And to ensure we stay on track with all the latest topics, we are constantly expanding the platform for you. Share your experiences, snapshots, expertise and questions in a reserved area and show us what really animates insiders.

Lokdienste Hauptbild

On track: snapshots

Ever missed the ultimate shot just because the train had already disappeared around the bend before you had time to set up your camera and tripod? Thanks to daily and seasonal allocations, you will now know exactly when, where and which compositions are in operation at any given time.

Infrastrukturverzeichnisse Hauptbild

Sightseeing: pioneering constructions

The foundations on which to build: whether bridges, tunnels or galleries, in our infrastructure registers you will find all you need to know about RhB’s engineering structures. From A for the Albula to Z for the Zugwald Tunnel on the Vereina Line.

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Advanced knowledge: thanks to InfoRetica

This special vehicle has plenty to offer: as an RhB Club member, you are entitled to a free copy of the PDF version of the RhB staff magazine. You can also subscribe to the print version of the magazine. True to the motto: there’s always more in store at RhB.

Shopping: club members travel better

Your very own RhB Shop: as a club member, you have access to an exclusive shop offering selected RhB items at reduced prices. We also offer a range of choice items that can only be found in our shop. Don’t miss out!

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