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Article - Individuals from the age of 16

Allegra: our club pack for you

In addition to numerous offers, insider information and exclusive events, each club member receives a selected club pack. The content of the package changes as of June 1st.

Due to production delays, the new package cannot be shipped until the end of June 2020.


The gifts from the previous packages are available in the club shop

Individual members from the age of 16 receive (until 30.05.2020)...


Jass cards

There is no way a journey can be boring with these original Swiss German Jass cards in your luggage! The deck of cards can simply be stowed away in its box. Naturally both the cards and the box are styled in the RhB Club design.

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1x Ballpoint pen

If your battery pack runs down in this age of digitalisation, the familiar ballpoint comes into its own. And what better instrument could you have than the dark blue metal ballpoint pen with a matt surface featuring an engraved RhB Club logo? The blue tech refill gives you a writing length of around 4000 m.

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Kugelschreiber Club
RhB-Tageskarte-1x Symbolbild 2500x1406px

One 1st class RhB day ticket

Sit back, relax and enjoy a full day’s travel in first class with the RhB day ticket on the entire RhB route network – 384 kilometres of first-class travel at your feet. The day ticket is undated and transferable.

Not available in the shop.

1x Club Pin (pro person)

With the RhB Club Pin you show everyone that you are a member! The noble metal pin with enamelled background colour and silver logo is exclusive for you, dear club members. 

Not available in the shop.

mitglieder pin

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